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Cash Discount Program

Lower your monthly credit card payment processing fees and simplify your statement when you encourage customers to pay with cash or gift card.

Cash discount credit card processing

How Cash Discount

How cash discount credit card processing works

Built-in to your terminal

Cash Discount eliminates a major portion
of total card payment processing costs. The payment terminal software is designed to encourage customers to pay by cash or gift card.


At checkout, customers see a small service charge (either a fixed amount or percentage) — with a discount automatically applied when they pay with cash or gift card.


No discount is given to customers paying by debit card or credit card. Software automatically determines all discounts and actions based on payment type.

Non-cash adjustment option for customers

Non-Cash Adjustment

Customers see a non-cash adjustment price next to the order subtotal, encouraging them to pay cash. Transparent, easy to understand and simplifies checkout.

Customer Choice

Empower your customers to make the right decision for them and pay how they want. Cash Discount allows customers to save money and choose the payment method they want, while you pass processing and card brand fees on, saving your business money.

Customers chose between cash and credit card
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Simplify your statements and save money every month with Cash Discount.