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Pay At Table

Deliver a smooth and convenient experience to guests with Pay At Table.

An experience customers want

The smallest delay can detract from an otherwise great dining experience. Pay At Table was designed for today’s restaurants and makes the entire payment process go down smooth.

Reduce human error by putting payment in the hands of guests, save time with automatically closed checks, reduce chargebacks and fraud by not handling the guest’s credit card and decrease wait times.

Pay At Table delivers dine-in customers an experience they'll want seconds of.

All the right ingredients

Benefits for restaurant employees, customers and owners.

Increase Tips

How long a customer waits for their check directly plays into how much they tip. Pay At Table reduces wait times, the server simply drops off the terminal, then your guest can pay and tip quickly.


Customers pay their own way

Pay At Table has you covered with support for contactless payments, EMV chip, Apple Pay, Google Pay and more.


Reduce Chargebacks

By putting the payment process in the hands of guests, Pay At Table reduces liability significantly because the guest’s card never leaves their hands.

How Pay At Table works

Slice out unnecessary steps between your guests and your servers. Faster service means more tables flipped and more money in your pocket. Here's how it works with Pay At Table.

  1. Server drops off bill and terminal after the meal
  2. Guest reviews the bill and enters their tip
  3. Guest pays using their preferred payment method
  4. Guest signs their printed receipt
  5. Guest leave happy
  6. Server collects the terminal and receipt

We'll be right with you

Our team will get you set up quickly.

Keep your existing POS

Skip the hassle of switching your POS. We integrate with most major POS systems including Micros and Aloha which makes adding Pay At Table easy.



You could save money and upgrade your current system by switching to one of our restaurant focused POS products.


Award-Winning Support

24/7/365 U.S.-based technical support means your restaurant will always be taken care of.

Built for today's restaurants

Automatically close checks

Pay At Table automatically closes a check once it's paid, giving your servers more time to help other customers.

View open orders

Know exactly which tables have which terminals at all times with a glance at your point of sale.

Quickly handle issues

If the customer accidentally lost a receipt or misspell their email address it's no problem. You can pull up recent transactions by table and print out a new one in no time.

Always in sync

Your POS and Pay At Table are fully integrated, so data is always in sync.

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