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Your association does great work serving its members, Tidal Commerce is the payment partner that will help you return more value to your organization.

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When you team up with Tidal Commerce to be your association’s preferred merchant services partner, your members gain access to exclusive discounted processing rates and other savings while we work with them to make switching easy.


Win for your association

Gain access to a new revenue stream with our referral program all with no risk. Partnering with Tidal Commerce is an easy way to add to your association’s bottom line so you can provide your members even greater value.


Reliable partner

Choosing who your association partners with is important for its reputation. Tidal Commerce is backed by a team of seasoned professionals with award-winning support. We are with you every step of the way, ensuring your association and members have all the resources they need to make the program a success.

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Your great association deserves a great payments partner

Continue growing your association and serving your members while our team works with them to save them money and help their businesses grow. Now that’s a winning combination.
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Value for your members, revenue for your association

Let’s talk about how Tidal Commerce can help your association generate more revenue today.