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Payment Gateway

Easily organize your store, process credit cards or checks, manage billing and monitor activity — all from a single account.

core features

Essentials for your business

The Payment Gateway is a perfect fit for ISO and Agent Partners, offering the most intuitive and transparent brandable omnichannel online presence.


Virtual Terminal

Turn your computer into a powerful payments portal. Key in payment details received from customers over the phone or through mail via the secure, PCI Compliant portal in your web browser. Apple Pay and Google Pay supported.


Electronic Invoicing

Create customer invoices with just a few clicks and collect payments quickly, easily and securely. Customers are emailed their Electronic Invoice, click the secure link and then remit payment immediately using the payment method of their choice. Receive instant confirmation that payment has been rendered. Once you go paperless, you will never want to go back.



You get detailed insight into transactions and powerful search tools to quickly find what you’re looking for. Smart search empowers you to filter results by transaction amount, transaction type, transaction date, customer name, card number and more.


Product Management

Enter and manage product SKUs and keep inventory organized with our unified product database. Create templates for common combinations of products to use with eInvoicing.


Customer Vault: The Secret Ingredient

Make paying fast, easy and fun. Delight your customers and easily reuse their cardholder data or “token” from previous transactions without having to store or secure it. The token can be used for future transactions without the cardholder data being re-entered.

Whether a payment is made in-store, on a mobile device, online or in a self-service setting, our unified Customer Vault delivers a superior payments experience by ensuring customer payment data follows them over time.

okenization gives you valuable insights about customer buying behavior over time by tracking token use. Merchants manage their business across multiple payment methods and provide customers the modern experience they expect.


Plays well with others


Third-Party Friendly

The Payment Gateway supports 175+ shopping cart integrations and growing. Plug directly into your existing shopping cart or build your online store from scratch using the top platforms such as WIX, WooCommerce, Magento, Weebly, WordPress and more.


Gateway Emulator

Migrate from other gateways including without having to rework or reprogram software or applications.


Flexible Integration Methods

Full customization and control over accepting payments within your own mobile applications and software with our diverse APIs and SDKs.


Multiple MID Capabilities

Board and manage multiple Merchant Identification Numbers (MIDs) on a single gateway account, and consolidate reporting, manage branches, organize products and more.

Additional features

Taking payment processing to the next level


Recurring Billing and Installment Plans

Give your customers flexibility so you get paid faster. With recurring billing you can set your customers up to be billed a set amount for a period of time, helpful for businesses with memberships or ongoing service.


QuickClick Shopping Cart

Want to accept donations? Let customers quickly pay their outstanding invoices? Allow online registration for an event? Have products to add to your website for online ordering? Easily integrate your website to the gateway with QuickClick, our shopping cart solution. Setup can be completed in a matter of minutes.


Electronic Check

Accept and process electronic check payments directly from your online storefront or through the Virtual Terminal to save you trips to the mailbox or bank.


Level II & Level III Processing

Business to Business or Government purchases can qualify for reduced processing costs in the form of lower interchange fees Rates can be as much as 1% lower; reducing your costs significantly. Tidal Commerce is a certified Level III processor.



Reach your customers wherever they are with a truly Omnichannel experience across brick and mortar, online and mobile.


Go Mobile

Quickly add a mobile reader to any Windows PC for an easy mobile experience.

Strongest Security

Secure all transactions

Fraud Prevention

Outsmart bad actors with iSpyFraud, our rules-based fraud prevention tool, to screen suspicious transaction activity and stay one step ahead of fraud. Set rules that save you time and headaches later and make sense for your business such as limiting attempts per device, during a set time period, from certain geographical regions, blacklisted cards and more.


Validate the cardholder is actually the shopper, prevent fraud and protect against unauthorized transactions.

Industry-Leading Security Standards

  • The Payment Gateway uses the highest payment industry security standards.
  • Point to point encryption (P2PE) provides the most secure and effective solution to protect sensitive cardholder data in combination with EMV and Tokenization, while potentially reducing the cost and scope of PCI DSS and PA-DSS.
  • Encrypted cardholder data has no value if stolen because only Tidal Commerce can decrypt the data. Our PCI P2PE solution means developers, ISVs and VARs have a powerful tool that helps protect their merchants from breaches.
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