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Our payment partners are unlocking additional revenue, increasing customer retention, building stronger organizations, and creating lasting client relationships — all with the backing of our portfolio of products, solutions and industry experts.

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Grow your bottom line and form lasting relationships with your business customers with a Merchant Services Program powered by Tidal Commerce.


Credit Unions

Add an additional revenue stream with a Merchant Services Partner Program powered by Tidal Commerce.


ISO & Agents

Land bigger merchants and be your own boss by offering comprehensive merchant service solutions from Tidal Commerce.



Refer your clients to Tidal Commerce and receive residual revenue while improving their merchant experience.



Refer your members to Tidal Commerce and open up additional revenue for your association.


ISV Integrated Payments

You make great software, integrated great payment processing powered by Tidal Commerce.

Superior merchant services yield lasting residuals

When you partner with Tidal Commerce, you can be absolutely sure that you’re delivering industry-leading merchant services and customer service to your clients, which means you’ll keep residuals longer since merchants are less likely to switch.

Plus, by equipping businesses with the modern payment technologies offered by us, they'll be free to grow, which means more transactions and more revenue in your pocket. It’s a win-win.

Industry-leading merchant services partner program
A payment partner tailor-made for you

Payment Partner tailor made for you

You know your client base and we know payment processing, together that's a powerful match.

Each payment processing partner is unique and designed around your organization's needs and business goals. Whether you Just want to refer merchants to us, have complete control of the merchant experience, or anything in between, we're listening and will always make it work.

Software that helps convert leads into deals

Manage your merchant services program with Atlas, the CRM from Tidal Commerce. With Atlas the entire onboarding process is streamlined so your team can monitor leads, applications, underwriting and onboarding from the moment a merchant starts an applications and throughout the life of the account. Developed in-house to meet the needs of our merchant service, partners once you see it, you'll wonder how you ever operated without it.

Atlas CRM software for merchant services partners

the best solutions for every merchant

Unleash the growth potential of your organization


Simplified Pricing and Interchange Plus


Flexible Hardware Options


Mobile Readers


24/7/365 Technical Support


PCI Compliance


Powerful Analytics


Mobile Friendly


Third-Party Integrations


EMV Support


Online Invoicing


Recurring Payments


Contactless Payments


Chargeback Assistance


PCI Compliance Breach Coverage

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