The Best Credit Card Processing Hardware for Merchants

October 15, 2021

When it comes to running a business in a time when payment processing hardware seems to be evolving everyday, it can be overwhelming to find the solution that best fits your business’s needs. However, it doesn’t have to be so difficult. As a merchant, you need a credit card processor that does it all rather than using outdated countertop options that force you to pick and choose what conveniences you can use and which ones you will have to live without.

With this guide to the best credit EMV hardware, we will outline the best EMV solutions. Here we’ve distilled the best credit card processing hardware options for merchants.

Countertop Credit Card Terminals

With the commonplace nature of countertop terminals, you may not have thought of them as an outdated method for payment processing. However, they simply are not as versatile as some of the more recent innovations. Though there is much that a countertop terminal can do, they have WiFi connection and printing capabilities, they are not as adaptable to the changing needs of merchants. Keeping up with the trends in payment processing is not just about being EMV capable.

Customers today are looking for more than just a way to purchase a product. They are looking for an experience and this is where countertop terminals fall short. Rather than going with a payment processing option that is quickly becoming outdated, wouldn’t it be better to go with something that is not only up-to-date but even future-proof? That is where you would greatly benefit from a smart terminal.

Enter: The Smart Terminal

The smart terminal is the future of payment processing and the Tidal Smart Terminal is the best the industry has to offer in terms of credit card processing hardware. The Smart Terminal offers flexibility and versatility that is unparalleled by any other terminals. With offerings such as a built-in printer, multiple connectivity options and a hybrid card reader, this machine can do it all at a fraction of the price you would normally pay. It is also ready for whatever the future throws at it with its support of any payment option you can think of.

Is The Smart Terminal Truly The Best Credit Card Processing Hardware?

We think so, but that decision is up to your business and its needs. Unlike the traditional countertop option, the smart terminal is not struggling to meet the ever-evolving needs of your customers and will allow you the flexibility to meet tomorrow head-on. In additional to all this, the Smart Terminal shows you that it truly can do it all by providing you with useful options such as message broadcast, terminal status and remote lock.

This smart terminal is also truly mobile. This means that you have many more options at your fingertips when it comes to how you execute your checkout experience. If you are a location-independent business, the benefits are obvious but the advantages of mobile capabilities are not just limited to these types of companies. As a company that utilizes mobile payments, you can completely reinvent the in-store shopping experience. The Smart Terminal allows you to completely do away with the counter, giving you more room to display products and lowering the time it takes to make a sale. Since your staff will have access to mobile terminals, they will have the ability to instantly close a sale and checkout a customer. This means greater efficiency and higher profit margins for you.

With the flexibility and efficiency that the Smart Terminal provides, the decision regarding the best credit card processing hardware is really rather simple. If you are looking for a future-proof processing solution that leaves the traditional countertop terminal in the dust, look no further than the Smart Terminal.

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