8 Awesome Customer Appreciation Ideas For Banks

October 15, 2021

Making a business feel like a community is one of the sharpest tools in your bank marketing shed these days. Consumers want to trust in both the product and the company, and the best way to develop trust is to give back to your community. And what’s a great way to do that? A bank customer appreciation day or other events that uplift and make your customer feel supported and excited!

We’re going to give you 8 of our favorite customer appreciation ideas for banks. Take these, adjust them, tweak them — whatever you need to do to make your event personal and successful.

Good luck!

Find your master griller and host a BBQ!

This is one of the classic customer appreciation day ideas for banks, but that doesn’t mean it’s boring. Who doesn’t love a proper grill out? Find the grill master in your branch and organize a cookout of sorts. If you align this with an official customer appreciation day event you can combine a few of these days into one big day. All you need is a grill, some tables, plates, utensils, and some drinks!

I’d recommend having the grill out in the middle of week in the afternoon / early evening, around 12PM-4PM, this way people can drop by for lunch.

Buy a bunch of pizza and offer it to anyone who comes in that day

This is kind of like the cookout idea but a bit simpler. Send an email out and post on social media — let everyone know that you guys have a bunch of hot pizza and will be giving it out to anyone who comes in that day! Pair this with information on a new rate or product to have an easy promotion as well. Don’t forget to have some vegetarian options!

Host an industry-specific event

Take a look at your customer profiles and professions. Do you work with a lot of lawyers or doctors? Host an event for that exact industry. Provide the food and drinks, and make your space a place where your customers know they can network and meet interesting people.

Feature customers on social media

Did someone just sell a business or open a restaurant? Talk about it! Modern marketing is about community and trust. Your bank is a safe haven for money but also a conduit to entrepreneurial dreams. Make that connection in your customers’ minds! Inspire others to do the same! By uplifting the businesses and people in your circle, you’ll promote trust and solidarity.

This doesn’t just have to be on social media either. You can have an in-store feature, you could send an email out, the world is your oyster — just make sure to ask them before you post!

Involve your customers in a charity drive

Involve your customers from day one on a charity event by sending out an email asking them to click on the charity they’d like to support. Once the votes are tallied, send an email officially starting the month of e.g. Nashville Puppy Rescue. Have each teller put up a little sign letting customers know they can donate, and then collect throughout the month. But don’t stop there!

Once everything is collected and you donate to the local charity, make sure you report back on the results! Send an email talking about the direct impact that your customers had on the rescue. Show a picture of how Max the pitbull found a home or how Kate is using her new school supplies. Tangible results are so meaningful!

P.S. If you can find a charity that your bank is actively working with, even better! That combines the customer appreciation with the charity angle and is a super powerful example of you promoting growth in your customers.

Have a car wash day!

Your customers are already in errand mode when they’re dropping by your branch, so help them tick off another task on their to-do list by offering a free car wash. You could also have it be donation based for another charity, but that’s your choice. If you’d rather not get your hands wet, then partner with a local sports team or school who needs money and let them use your parking lot.

Reward long-term customers with surprises, discounts, and/or better rates.

Take note of your high-value, long-term customers. You know you want to keep their business, so why not go above and beyond for them? Send them a basket of goodies on their birthday or surprise them with a gift card. Do what it takes for them to feel noticed and appreciated. Next time they negotiate with you, give them a little bit more on the discount or rate side.

Follow up with all complaints and get to the bottom of their issues

This is sort of a sleeper and is arguably more about customer service, but here’s the deal: the best way to show customer appreciation is to diligently and respectfully work for them each and every day.

Regardless of the complaint — take the time to get to the bottom of their issue and resolve it. Better yet, go above and beyond. Waive overdraft fees when it’s a first or second offense. Work with them to improve their budgeting system by adding extra savings accounts. Whatever it is, be nice, be respectful, and fix it. They’ll remember that more than anything else!

One last thing…

Now for your final piece of advice, take action. Schedule a meeting about an idea or start compiling a list of long-term customers today. Put it in the calendar, and get it done. You’ll have fun planning your piece of customer appreciation, and your bank will grow as a result.


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