Guide to Choosing the Right EMV Equipment

EMV chip card readers have all but replaced strip card readers and chances are, if you have not yet updated your terminal, you will be soon. The good news is, EMV chip card readers are easier than ever to find and there is no shortage of options. In fact, this can almost be too overwhelming, making it incredibly difficult to make an informed decision. With this in mind, we thought it would be helpful to put together a guide to EMV equipment so that you can make the best decision when it comes to your chip card reader.

What are the Different EMV Equipment Options?

The major difference between EMV and card stripe terminals is the chip-reading portal into which the EMV cards are inserted. These terminals utilize technology specifically designed to read these microchip cards. Choosing the best EMV equipment can be difficult but it has a lot to do with your industry-specific needs. Here is a list of the different options for your reference.

  • Countertop Terminals: A countertop terminal is exactly what it sounds like: a terminal that sits directly on top of the counter. The main thing you need to know about countertop terminals is the features they come with: WiFi connection capabilities, near-field communication, printing and more. They are basic but functional, easy-to-use solutions to EMV payment processing.
  • Pin Pads: The main difference between these and countertop terminals is that they only process debit payments. Though they have the benefit of being less expensive, they have the inconvenience of not allowing for credit cards. For this reason, you will likely need a countertop terminal to go alongside it.
  • Near-Field Communication Peripherals: Though at the time this technology does not function as a stand-alone feature, it can be a nice bonus. This innovative technology allows wireless payment between a mobile device or credit card and a terminal. This can be a fast and even fun way to pay when the option is available. However, it will likely need to be supplemented by additional EMV equipment.
  • Wireless Mobile Terminals: Wireless mobile terminals are convenient and very useful for businesses that process payments on the go. If you are in an industry such as a restaurant that can benefit from mobility, this can be a good payment option for you.
  • Smart Terminals: This innovative new technology is now offered by Tidal Commerce and allows a great deal of flexibility and convenience with nearly all the features of a POS system combined with a terminal at a quarter of the cost. These Poynt-powered terminals allow you to utilize the latest in payment technology and includes features such as a built-in printer, hybrid card reader, and multiple connectivity options. Smart terminals are also future-proof with their support of all the latest payment options and your customers will love having the multiple choices available to them. These terminals also provide incredible security and convenience with options like remote lock, message broadcast, and terminal status. They are an all-in-one machine.

Where Should I Purchase My EMV Equipment?

Once you have figured out the right EMV equipment for you, you will want to find a reliable payment processing company to purchase your equipment from. This can be quite confusing and overwhelming with all the different options out there but there are a couple of key qualities you should be looking for. You want a company that sells quality products and provides great service. Finding a company that will not only provide you with [quality payment processing but also 24⁄7 support][4] is important to the smooth operation of your company. Find these qualities and you have found the place to purchase your equipment.

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