Simplify Your Checkout Experience Online With Apple Pay

October 14, 2021

Apple Pay, is quickly rising to the top of our most favorite ways to pay in many convenience stores. It has now had a successful run over the last few months in ecommerce stores online. macOS has slowly been rolling to convergence with iOS and it’s bringing exciting new features such as payments to web merchants!

How Apple Pay is Simplifying Payments

With the rollout of EMV at the register, Apple saw an opportunity to jump into payments and smooth the road for a faster way to pay. Apple Pay made it easier for customers to pay without ever having to insert or swipe their card. Many businesses started pushing out contactless readers as they became easier to acquire and with the EMV update many stores had little option to avoid the upgrade.

Not only does Apple Pay enchant the customer checkout experience, it also increases the security of the transaction. Every transaction ran through the Apple Pay wallet is a token of your credit card number. This ensures that the real card number is never exposed, thus your original card remains secure. Because of the secure token, if there is a breach, the user can easily revoke the token and get a new one from their issuing bank.

Paving The Way for Online Retailers

Whenever we visit online shops, we start filling up our carts with products we want and start the checkout process. Sometimes you must register for an account, or sign up for a newsletter to get special deals or promotions. Then comes the credit card and shipping info. The checkout process can make or break a customer’s experience on your website, an online retailer’s worst fear is the abandoned shopping cart.

With long card numbers, expiration dates and CVV codes that are a pain to type out and often typed incorrectly, it’s easy for customers to stick with simpler solutions like PayPal or Amazon where only an email and password is required to complete the purchase. However, every purchase made via alternate methods can cost you more in fees, and percentages than you think.

How Can Apple Pay Help

Apple Pay can make it easier for Mac and iPhone users to pay online using just their fingerprint. When a store online accepts Apple Pay, the prompt pops up and the user accepts the payment on their iOS device just by scanning their finger.

With any new technology there are a few hurdles to overcome. First, you will need a processor that supports the special tokenization of card numbers. Second, the web store software that you’re using will need to be updated. Thankfully, Apple has made it very easy to integrate with existing web stores.

You are going to need a processor that supports the new technology. If you are using Tidal Commerce you can already start accepting Apple Pay in store or online! If you aren’t, but are looking to switch, Tidal provides a competitive advantage over other processors!

Getting Started Today

We highly encourage that all online merchants adopt this new technology! With all major US processors already accepting tokenization it’s not a hard jump to make!

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