Cut Costs With a Great Point-of-sale Solution

Cash registers, employees, rent and stockroom all run the base of a successful retail and restaurant business. With demand for eating out and buying merchandise increasing, a POS system can either manage you, or help you run your business. We get so wrapped up with the tech that we forget about our business and how to use it as a great tool for staying on top of things.

Efficiency and Organization

Looking for a great system to keep things running in tip top shape is probably right in front of you. Many App developers and organizations have shifted to a new suite of open and closed sourced systems that run in the cloud. Cloud based applications are great for today’s businesses, allowing everyone to keep in touch and on top of new information.

Effective POS solutions can help keep employees from wasting time counting stock and inventory by hand with possibly incorrect calculations. With a cloud based POS system you can have estimates updated all the time.

Cloud based systems allow for the audit of stock in real time among multiple employees and store managers. This eliminates the classic clipboard and back office computer that many companies use to manage all their inventories and orders, spreading the workload about all your employees.

A great solution for restaurants using a similar system is with wait times. With a few easy API’s it’s never been easier to give accurate wait times to guests via web, mobile or in person. With accurate wait times you can minimize walkaways and keep customers in the restaurant longer. When your restaurant is connected it gives you a great online presence helping to increase foot traffic and turning out more happy customers.

Fraud/Loss Prevention

Things get misplaced, stolen, broken, returned or backordered. When you tally up your monthly stock and income and it doesn’t match it can feel devastating. Since today’s technology can help keep your business informed about any changes in stock or returns, you can plan accordingly and ensure managers are aware of the situation so it can be remedied.

Mobile Receipts

Make returns easier for customers by offering email or text message receipts. Since they’re harder to lose and never fade away, you can be sure the products being returned are within your acceptable return guarantee. Another great benefit is you also acquire marketing potential with customers emails and phone numbers. You can use this information to send out emails or special offers to drive people back into your store.


We hope we gave you some insight about how to look out for a great POS system. Whichever one you choose, rest assured that it works with your favorite payment provider Tidal Commerce! We offer a wide range of integrations and mobile POS solutions that help maximize the efficiency of your business.

Customers love to see businesses adopting iPads and phones in store. It’s exciting to see what the modularity of apps will bring to us in the future.

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